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 The mission of the Vision Traders is the advancement of animal health and well-being. Our mission is achieved by providing exceptional educational experiences, delivering outstanding veterinary care, and discovering innovative methods to diagnose, prevent and treat disease. In support of these activities, we manage comprehensive professional and post-graduate curricula; provide leading-edge veterinary medical care; engage in consultation services and outreach activities.  



 Our vision is to create and maintain academic, clinical, research, and outreach programs that are recognized nationally for their quality and innovation. While striving toward this vision, we are mindful of values that guide our personal and collective works.  


Group Values and Principles
  • Commitment to Programmatic Growth – we will develop and advance our programs for the benefit of our employee, animal health, and the profession

  • Commitment to Public Service – we serve the public through outstanding patient care, consultation, continuing education and outreach

  • Discovery – we strive to find better ways to improve animal and human health through clinical, basic, and transitional research

  • Impact – we perform meaningful research that impacts and enhances animal health and veterinary medical care

  • Innovation – we advance our academic and clinical programs through personal creativity and collaborative innovation

  • Leadership – we are active in our academic, hospital, and specialty communities

  • Quality – we strive continuously for excellence in our teaching, research, clinical practice, service, and outreach efforts

  • Responsibility – we recognize our collective responsibilities for careful management and strategic optimization of resources

  • Teamwork – we recognize that programmatic success depends on each of us working together selflessly towards our collective goals. 

Personal Values and Principles
  • Accountability – we are answerable for our individual actions and responsibilities

  • Balance – we seek an appropriate work-life balance

  • Clinical Expertise – we strive to maintain and advance our clinical expertise

  • Communication – we engage in honest, forthright, issue-oriented, and civil dialogue

  • Efficiency – we aim to improve our delivery of care and services while always maintaining focus on the quality of our work

  • Persistence – we celebrate diligence and determination

  • Service – we embrace a 'customer-oriented' approach in the delivery of patient and client care

  • Trust – we appreciate that learning to trust each other is a fundamental step in achieving our vision of programmatic distinction.



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MintoHen Plus

(Each Ml Contains):  Mentohol : 40mg  Eucalyptus Oil :  1mg  Biotin :  0.05mg

Uni-Renal Target Liquid

( Each1000ml Contains) Carnitine Hydrochloride : 20g    D.L. Methionine : 10g  Sorbitol :  200g   Choline Chloride :   18.75g  Mangnesium Sulphate Heptahydrated :  1.0g  Excipient q.s. :  1000m

Dosage: Poultry >>>> 0.5 to 1ml/Liter Drinking water

Upcoming Nutraceutical Products

MicoTon Liquid (Each 1000ml Contains)  :  Propionic Acid : 200g    Propylene Glycol : 120  Potassium : 10g Sorbitol : 10g  Vit E: 20g  Ammonium Propinate : 47,778g


Dosage :

                         1ml per 2 Liters of Drinking Water (4 to 5days)