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V C Liquid

Category: Poultry

Detoxification of Toxins


COMPOSITION: Each ml contain:

Vitamin C                             250 mg

Vitamin C and Stress: Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of steroid hormones. These are responsible for mobilizing the energy needed for various vital fictions, i.e maintaining body temperature. If there is a Vitamin C deficiency, inadequate amounts of corticosteroids are formed results in poor maintaining body temperature. V.C. Liquid is a very much stable and powerful preparation of Vitamin C formulated for the best productions Poultry and Livestock.

Recent studies indicate that the synthetic form of vitamin C have a favorable effect on performance, specially in stressful conditions to maintaining body temperature.

There is a significant relationship between the supplement of ascorbic acid and the animals age so far young growing birds and animals needs Vitamin C supplemented feed

Growth: At normal ambient temperatures, additional Vitamin C leads to higher performance with fattening poultry. When the animals were subjected to heat stress, a significantly better growth rate after stress phase was affected by supplementing the birds with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C and laying performance: Vitamin C supplementation helps in the improved performance of laying hens. There was a marked improvement in the performance of layers, especially in high ambient temperatures.

Vitamin C and egg quality: There is evidence of the positive effect of Vitamin C on egg shell quality. Ascorbic acid promotes the mobilization of calcium from skeleton and the structure of the shell is improved by Vitamin C supplementation.

A recently published report gives information on the connection between Vitamin D3 activation and the use of ascorbic acid. These effects of ascorbic acid on the metabolism of calcium can be taken into account as an explanation of the positive effects of Vitamin C on egg shell quality.

Vitamin C and fertility: Vitamin C is having a favorable effect on fertility. Adding ascorbic acid to the feed of broiler breeders resulted in distinctly improved laying performance in connection with greater persistence. As well as this, egg shell quality, fertility, and hatchability were also favourably affected by Vitamin C supplementation. One possible reason for improved fertility could be the effect.

INDICATION: In practice V.C. Liquid is effectively using poultry which are exposed to many different stress factors, Such as, High Ambient Temperature, High Humidity, Abrupt Feed or Water Deprivation, Vaccination, Illness, Parasites, Nutritional Imbalances, Molting, De-beaking, Catching, Noise, Overly Intensive Lighting, High Stocking Density, Re-housing, Poor Air-quality.

DOSAGE:             Poultry: 1 ml in  4 liters of drinking water.

PACKING:            500 ml- 1 Liter

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